An inspirational cancer survivor passed through Glasgow in her quest to break world records and raise awareness of women’s reproductive health.

Andrea Mason, from Blackpool, is on a mission to raise awareness about women’s reproductive health by completing a Sea to Summit Extreme challenge.

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She cycled through Glasgow yesterday, stopping off in George Square before continuing on to swim across Loch Awe before climbing Scotland’s iconic Ben Nevis, the highest peak in the UK.

Following a life-saving surgery in 2017 after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and severe endometriosis, Andrea is attempting to break four world records in five days by swimming across three lakes, climbing three peaks, and cycling over 800km.

In her journey through Wales, England and Scotland, Andrea is swimming each country’s longest lake and footing each country’s highest peak, travelling between each natural hurdle on her bicycle.

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Andrea said: “I’m doing it to raise awareness for female health. I’ve suffered from many gynaecological conditions myself.

“It’s just a subject we don’t talk about enough.

“One in four women don’t attend their smear test. I was one of those one in four women unfortunately.

“And I did end up with cervical cancer, which could have been prevented if detected early enough.”