The Scottish Government should “hold its head in shame” at today’s drug death figures a recovery group has said.

The figures showed a record high in Glasgow as 311 people died in 2021.

There was a slight drop across Scotland from 1339 to 1330 but still, an average of around three deaths a day are taking place.

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In Glasgow, the number increased by 20 from 291 in 2020 to 311 last year.

Natalie Logan McLean, Chief Executive of recovery group Sisco, said she attends a funeral almost every week as the rate of people dying remains shockingly high.

She said: "I hope the Scottish Government can now hold their head in shame.

“Our first campaign was three years ago We handed the Drug Deaths Task Force recommendations that would implement immediate change that would be radical, yet they didn't roll them out.

"We created a new set of standards but no-one knows what to do with them. Enough is enough.

"Within these statistics, I have four friends and countless others that I know.

"How many funerals do you go to in a year?

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"I'll tell you how many I go to. It's almost, sometimes, one a week.

"Change is needed now no more talk shops, no more sitting round tables, no more evaluations. Implement radical change now.

"Don't massage numbers or change how we look at drug related deaths. Let's change the systems and prevent people dying."