GLASGOW was the jewel in the crown of any tourist destination to visit and work.

It had beautiful landmarks, historic buildings, a transport system to match, big name 
shops to visit, streets as clean as your granny’s penny whistle, and the city never shut 
all night long (many music halls, pubs and restaurants were buzzing).

It was just a magic city to live in and be part of, everyone was happy, and getting to and from any place you just hopped on a bus or stuck out your hand and got a taxi (or even the Subway). 

Roll on the clock and Brexit, Covid and the SNP have changed the way we go about our daily lives.

Businesses are all boarded up, our communities are ghost towns and some places are shanty towns. 

The present SNP government has contributed to the desecration of our once proud city with its hidden agendas and farcical independence crusade.

Streets are littered with filth, jobs are scarce and all these strikes by greedy SPT  rail staff crippling our networks is making it hard for commuters to get to work, utility bills rocketing and the soaring cost of basic food products and fuel, and even getting basic things delivered is costing an arm and a leg and yet the SNP keep harping on about independence while the city is looking like a third world country. 

They even have a cheek to put in a bid to host the Eurovision Song Contest, there is enough comic singers in the Scottish Parliament and Council Chambers who are crippling our city, time to go into the next election and vote out these comedians and rebuild 
from the coal face and restore our city culture that we once all enjoyed.

As it stands there is poverty under the SNP and they have  the bare face to blame Westminster. 

All we are asking for is to live our lives comfortably and give our children a chance. 

It’s not a lot to ask for in these harsh times. 

Stephen Johnstone


I WATCHED the interview with Liz Truss on the news the other night and I can say this: she is not fit to be prime minister.  

Her attitude to the strike by the rail workers was astonishing, she chose to attack rather than attempt to find a solution. 

What I would like to see is after the Tories elect their leader there should be a General Election, if there is not then democracy is truly dead not just in Scotland but the United Kingdom.  

Whether I bother to vote again, why should I?

Jim Tees