A DRIVER attacked another motorist by kicking and punching him in the face after he failed to give way.

Lewis Knight, 27, repeatedly assaulted Marc Eccles on the afternoon of November 20, 2019.

Mr Eccles was at a roundabout in Summerston when he failed to give way to vehicles on his right-hand side.

A driver sounded his horn to Mr Eccles. Meanwhile, Knight followed Mr Eccles and overtook him.

Mr Eccles stopped his car on Arrochar Street. Knight then exited his vehicle and opened Mr Eccles' door.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court last week, the prosecutor said: “The accused began to assault the complainer, who alighted from his vehicle in an attempt to defend himself.

“The accused grabbed hold of the complainer and started to throw him against his vehicle and then to the ground.

“He thereafter punched and kicked the complainer repeatedly to his face and body.

"A lollipop lady working nearby observed the altercation and contacted police, who arrived shortly a short time later.

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“They observed the complainer sitting within his vehicle. He thereafter provided images of the accused’s vehicle’s registration number.”

After cops carried out enquiries, the vehicle was found to be owned by a rental company.

Knight was later identified and traced by officers.

The prosecutor added: “This was after multiple calling cards being left with no reply. He was not formally cautioned and charged.”

Knight’s lawyer told the court his client is “deeply ashamed”.

He added: “The complainer was certainly at fault for his manner of driving, but it did not merit what my client did. He’s embarrassed and sorry for the impact on the victim.

“He’s got a limited record. He’s living with his partner and is now the father of a new baby.

“He is in full-time employment and has got a good working record. He’s worked since he left school.”

The defence solicitor said supervision would give his client assistance and help to improve his consequential thinking.

Sheriff Charles Lugton said: “This was undoubtedly a serious and unpleasant assault.

“You have a fairly limited record, are in full-time employment and have family commitments. In all the circumstances, I can deal with this as an alternative to custody.”

Knight was tagged and ordered to stay within his home in Summerston from 7pm-7am for 90 days.

He was also placed under social work supervision for one year.