A new initiative has launched to help improve mental health and wellbeing.  

Chris Colebrook, who has worked as a solution-focused coach and drama practitioner for the past two years, has begun Improv for Wellbeing workshops at the Woodlands Community Terrace in Glasgow’s West End.  

The workshops take place outdoors most Tuesdays between 2.30pm and 4pm, with each class focusing on different improvisation themes such as character-building stories, accepting, emotion, opposites, and more. 

Glasgow Times:

In a conversation with the Glasgow Times, Chris expanded on the reasoning behind the project's formulation. 

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He said: "I think mental health and people’s wellbeing has been a bit of a big issue recently.  

“There’s a lot of national drainage going on, and so I think everyone should have a bit of a time-out and a laugh.

“These workshops are to increase creativity and put a smile on people’s faces during these difficult times and to improve wellbeing, confidence, mood and happiness through drama-like activities.” 

Glasgow Times:

However, Chris has his own personal reasoning for starting the workshops.

He explained: "My background is very much in improvisation. I spent six years as an actor doing improvisation.  

“Also, my background is partly in psychology and partly in drama, so this programme coincides with those elements nicely.” 

He continued: “For me, there really isn’t many improvisation groups out there that aren’t professional-actor-based or are light-hearted and just different, really, and I’m focused on making a difference.” 

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Chris stressed that the workshops are very inclusive.

He said: "I have people who have mental health issues to even those that are neurodiverse attending. So, it’s very inclusive.  

“We play some fun games and try to push people a little bit more each week. 

“They’re something light-hearted for people to do for mental health purposes and are an opportunity for people to have a bit of a laugh. 

“Though there is an element of drama to it, it is not primarily about acting skills, it’s more focused on wellbeing.  

“It gets people moving, gets up their confidence, and improves mood and each session is all about spontaneity and no judgement.” 

Glasgow Times:

Chris has been running the workshops for a little over a month now and has found them to be going well. 

He said: "It’s early days, but I do have people coming back.  

“Some weeks I’ve had different crowds and even some acting students, but I want to try and get some consistency going as that would help a lot.  

“I’m hoping though that it does develop into an increase in numbers as well, though.” 

Glasgow Times:

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The classes are open for anyone over the age of 16, and there is no acting experience required to attend.  

For more information, email Chris on glasgowcreativecoaching@gmail.com.