A DRIVER who knocked a cyclist off her bike has been handed three points on his licence.

Happy Happy appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court as a first offender this week after previously pleading guilty to driving his car without due care or attention.

At 2pm on November 5 last year, the 42-year-old passed a junction at Blackcroft Road, Mount Vernon, and failed to give way to cyclist Ellen Young, who was not wearing a helmet.

The prosecutor said: “The accused exited the junction at a slow speed. This caused the vehicle to collide with the side of Ms Young’s bike, causing her to fall to the ground and lose consciousness for a short time.

“Two witnesses passing by observed the collision and they went to assist Ms Young. The accused also stopped nearby and went to assist.

“An ambulance was called and attended. Ms Young was taken to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Prior to the ambulance leaving, the accused provided ambulance staff with his contact details.”

Police were instructed to carry out enquiries.

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Officers attended at the hospital, but Ms Young had been released, and no serious injuries were recorded.

They attended at her home, but she declined to provide a statement. Officers spoke with the two people who witnessed the incident, and they provided statements.

Happy was traced at his home and advised he had seen Ms Young on her bike but misjudged her speed.

He was cautioned and charged and made no reply.

Ms Young had provided Happy’s lawyer with a letter, which he handed over to the sheriff to read.

The defence solicitor said: “All parties are relieved that there were no more serious injuries due to them both not paying attention.

“I invite you to deal with this case by putting points on his licence, rather than disqualification. He is in full-time employment as a delivery driver.

“He is married with two grown-up children, both are in full-time education. He is in a position to pay a fine. He has no record whatsoever.”

Sheriff Charles Lugton told Happy: “I have had regards to the terms of the letter provided by the complainer, which is very fair of her.

“It seems to me this is a case of inattention on your part and also on her part as well.

“As careless driving goes, this is towards the lower end of the scale. I’m going to deal with this by imposing three penalty points.”

Happy, of Cambuslang, was also fined £290.