A MAN booted three cops after being arrested in Glasgow city centre.

An officer was returning to a police van shortly before 6pm on August 28 last year when a member of the public told them someone was causing a nuisance.

Along with a colleague, they removed Dalton Prior, 26, from the situation on Queen Street and spoke with him.

He was noted to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

A check was carried out which revealed Prior had two warrants.

After being placed under arrest and handcuffed to the front, he became aggressive.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court this week, the prosecutor said: “He was taken towards the cell area of the police vehicle.

“He was placed in the rear of the cell, and he began thrashing about and biting his wrists.

“Due to concerns for his safety, police attempted to remove him but as the door was opened, he lunged forward and kicked a police officer.

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“He was then removed and at that stage he kicked another police officer, striking him to the upper thigh.

“Handcuffs were applied to the rear. Whilst being placed within the cell area, the accused kicked out striking a third police officer’s groin area.

“He was taken to Govan police station and placed within a cell.

“His behaviour continued for some time. He was not cautioned and charged due to his demeanour.”

Prior, who was listed as having no fixed address, appeared from custody for sentencing after previously pleading guilty to three assaults.

His lawyer said: “He has a very significant record.

“He had surgery earlier this week for his cancer diagnosis. He is now voluntarily engaging with social work. Prison doesn’t seem to be working. His liberation date is at the end of August.”

Sheriff Charles Lugton deferred sentencing for consideration of a community-based punishment ahead of Prior’s release from prison.

He will return to the dock in August.