A THUG barred from an off-licence grabbed a female shop worker and shouted in her face after she asked him to leave.

Robert McCool, 64, also told his neighbour he’d kill him and his dog in another incident, and threatened B&M workers during a further outburst.

He appeared from custody at Glasgow Sheriff Court to be sentenced last week.

On November 12, 2020, McCool was at the store entrance of the One O One at the Braes Shopping Centre, Castlemilk, when he was seen shouting by two members of staff.

One of the employees said to the other that McCool had previously been barred. They both approached him and asked him to leave, however, he refused.

He began to shout, “bring your man down”, “I can take you”, and “do you know who I am”.

McCool then grabbed one of the woman’s arms and pulled her towards him whilst shouting in her face.

She managed to break free. The other staff member tried to move McCool towards the door to remove him from the store.

He said he would smash the shop windows and moved towards the employee and stated: “I’ll smash you."

Police were contacted and officers attended at McCool’s home.

Whilst being taken to Cathcart police office, he continued being aggressive by shouting and swearing, stating “f**k you, c***s, I will kill you both”.

He was cautioned and charged upon arrival, and replied: “I don’t know why you’re arresting me."

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Just days before on November 6, 2020, McCool was arrested due to threats toward his former neighbour Robert Forrester.

The prosecutor said: “The accused shouted that he was going to kill Mr Forrester and his dog. He stated he was in possession of a blade and was going to use it on him.

“This prompted the complainer to contact police. Officers spoke with Mr Forrester within his home in Castlemilk.

"The accused at this stage attended at the door, which was in breach of conditions which he had been placed on the day before.

“Police escorted him back upstairs to his home.

“He proceeded to make threats towards the complainer in the presence of officers. He was cautioned, however, he continued to make threats stating, ‘that guy’s deed’, ‘my friends are coming up to kill him’, ‘I’ll chop him up’.

"He continued ‘he’s got a head injury; he’ll have another one’.

“He was arrested and cautioned and charged. He was conveyed to Cathcart police office and further comments were made.

“Whilst within the custody suite, more comments were made. He stated, ‘that guy’s deed’, ‘he’s gonna get it, scumbag’, ‘the guy downstairs is a dafty, I'll chop him up’.

“He was cautioned and charged shortly after and made no reply.”

And on December 13 last year, McCool was in the B&M store in Springburn when a member of security staff spotted that he was intoxicated.

After removing alcohol from the shelves, and trying to purchase this, he was refused by an employee.

The prosecutor said: “This caused hostility and the security guard was called to intervene. The accused became difficult with the security employee, making no efforts to leave the store.

“Attempts were made to escort him from the premises. A struggle ensued. During this, the accused’s wrists were taken hold of on the ground due to the way in which he was behaving.

“Both parties got up and a security guard working for the whole complex attended to provide assistance.

“Both staff members escorted the accused out. He shouted, ‘you made a mistake, I’ll be back with my pals, you’ll be getting it’.

“He was taken to a detention room and police were contacted.”

McCool’s lawyer told the court his client is a man who needs help.

He added: “He is a very intelligent man. His offending is due to his long-standing alcohol problem. He is a very pleasant and capable individual.

“He had been subject to a community payback order which was going well but unfortunately things took a turn for the worst.

“There is temporary accommodation available for him today in Easterhouse. He will then have a chance to go to a rehabilitation centre. The problem is with alcohol, and he knows that.”

Sheriff Charles Lugton told McCool: “Really, there are only two options here.

“You’re being offered a lot of help and support and a chance to engage.

“The alternative is custody.

“On balance, I’ll give you the opportunity. I’ll defer sentence for three months. I will then call for an up-to-date report. This now is your opportunity. You need to engage with the help you’re being offered.”

Sentence was deferred until October, for McCool to engage with social work services.