Plans for a fourth Gaelic primary school in Glasgow sparked many comments. Here is a selection from our Facebook page ...

Every school child is being let down dramatically but we are getting another Gaelic school.
When is this madness going to end and they are going to be held accountable for everything they do?
Marjory McAleese

No need for another Gaelic school – too much money has been spent on them and not enough on mainstream schools where investment is needed. 
They’ve ended up being middle-class schools with middle-class children attending and too much council money being spent on taxis and buses to get them there.
Linda Chadha

Really? At a time when the world requires integration and communication, they teach Gaelic?
Of course, support our cultures, languages etc but science, maths physics and chemistry are far more important.
David Craig

It’s about time children were speaking Gaelic. 
My grandpa came from Skye. He had to leave the croft his father had to find work on the mainland.
He was told not to speak the Gaelic, which was his language, or he wouldn’t get a job. He had to speak English.
Ruth Howie

I took Gaelic at school in 1971 – it has never been useful or a bonus in any part of my life
The chances of meeting another Gaelic speaker in the Highlands, never mind Glasgow, are even slimmer these days.
Believe me, parents who put their kids in Gaelic schools do so because the classes are smaller and the mainstream education they get is better because of that.
Just watch the scramble for places at this new school
Donnys Rover

I’m Maryhill born and bred –believe me, not even lower middle class, working-class all the way here and my son attends Gaelic medium education. 
Every child has the opportunity to apply for a place, lack of investment in education is an issue that should rightly be fought for but not at the expense of other children’s educations who are flourishing in GME.
Kelly Gillan

My boy is going to be attending the school. I have mixed opinions on it. More negative than positive.
Let’s just say it wasn’t a joint decision between my ex and myself.
I’m looking into Spanish classes and would rather start rabbling to him in that as it’s going be a lot more useful [to say the least] than Gaelic. It’s 2022.
Kris Forrest

At least it’s going to be used. Better than what the council let happen to all the old beautiful buildings elsewhere.
Lisa Salera