A THIEF stole various items including a laptop and hair clippers from a hotel in Glasgow city centre.

Andrew Patterson, 21, pocketed a provisional driving licence, a bag, clothes, personal documents, a laptop, a watch, and a set of hair clippers from St Enoch Hotel on Howard Street on December 12, 2020.

The facility has been used to provide homeless people with temporary accommodation.

Patterson, whose address was listed as the Copland Hotel, also provided cops with false details after being caught with a woman’s bank cards in another incident on May 28 last year.

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Police on patrol on Trongate searched a group of people. Cops found two bank cards in Patterson’s pocket.

He said they were his friend Nicola’s who gave him them in case he wanted to get something to eat.

But the name on the cards read Natalie.

Patterson was asked to provide a full name or contact details for this person and he couldn’t. Cops then tried to get his details.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court last week, the prosecutor said: “They were initially provided with the name Garry Thompson which was changed to Andrew Thompson and a date of birth.

“Both these combinations returned no trace on police systems. The accused was then required to provide his own name and address.

“He stated he couldn’t and was informed he was under arrest. He was conveyed to Helen Street police office.

“On route, he was given numerous occasions to provide his details but refused on each occasion.”

After his correct details were found out, it was revealed he had warrants outstanding and had bail conditions preventing him from entering the Glasgow city centre exclusion zone.

Meanwhile, on March 15 last year, Patterson had been released from Glasgow Sheriff Court with conditions not to enter the city centre exclusion zone and stay within his home between 7pm-7am.

But police stopped him on Albion Street when he was in the company of someone drinking alcohol at 8pm.

The prosecutor said: “He admitted he was fully aware of the conditions and had been given a map of the exclusion zone but had lost this.

“He was cautioned and charged.”

Patterson’s lawyer said: “Things are getting better. He had been in custody for a short time in relation to another matter he was found not guilty for.

“He was previously placed on a community payback order and is willing to undertake more hours.

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“The report makes very sad reading of his background. He is looking to get some help. I would recommend placing him on supervision.”

Sheriff Charles Lugton ordered Patterson to complete 100 hours of unpaid work and placed him under supervision for 12 months, with a review in six months’ time, for the theft incident.

Sentencing for the other two matters was deferred for good behaviour for six months.

The sheriff told him: “If you comply, I’ll anticipate drawing a line under these matters at that stage.”

He will return to court in January.