TWO men knocked victims to the ground after punching them during a fight in Glasgow’s Royal Exchange Square.

Cops who attended the disturbance in the city centre shortly after 3am on August 1, 2019, spotted Nathan McFarlane lying on the ground, surrounded by people.

An ambulance was requested, and officers asked if any members of the public saw what happened.

A woman pointed to Omar Bensadik and said he punched Mr McFarlane.

Bensadik, 25, was informed he was under arrest, handcuffed, and placed in a police vehicle.

Other officers attended to view CCTV, which confirmed Bensadik, of King's Park, punched Mr McFarlane to the head, causing him to fall.

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Another woman approached officers and advised she also witnessed an assault.

The witness provided a description of the clothing the man was wearing, and this turned out to be Usman Mahmood.

He was also placed under arrest and put within the rear of a police vehicle.

CCTV was reviewed again, which showed Mahmood, 21, assault an unknown male by punching him to the head, causing him to fall to the ground and punching him one more time.

The pair were cautioned and charged.

Mahmood, of Aikenhead Road, replied: "He did punch me as well."

They appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week.

Bensadik’s lawyer said: “My client appears in court as a first offender. This incident took place almost three years ago and he’s not come to the attention of police since.

“The social work report is in positive terms. There’s an explanation which sets out my client’s position - he was socialising with his brother, the co-accused, and friends.

“His brother became involved in an altercation, and he went to his brother’s assistance and in doing so acted in the manner described. It was one punch without any injury.

“He is presently unemployed but is concentrating on competition-level bodybuilding. The offence was entirely out of character for him.”

Meanwhile, the court heard Mahmood also appeared as a first offender.

His lawyer added: “He was 18 when this incident took place.

“He’s been able to show the court he’s not been in trouble since. This was an isolated incident he allowed himself to be dragged into.

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“He has attended my office regularly as he has been worried about this. He accepts responsibility and accepts he made the wrong decision.

“He helps out with the family business and leads a pro-social life.”

Sheriff Charles Lugton deferred sentence for six months for the pair to show they can be of good behaviour.

He told them: “You appreciate this is unacceptable behaviour, I accept you know that. I’ll give you a chance to show you can keep out of trouble.

“If you stay out of trouble, I will deal with this matter leniently.”