I KNOW that sport is a big part of some people’s lives but the TV coverage at the moment is way over the top.

Not everyone wants to watch athletics or football on a Saturday or Sunday evening.

The TV companies have left little in the way of entertainment for folk at weekends.

The BBC1 sport coverage of the Commonwealth Games started at 5pm straight through to after 10pm!

You would think they didn’t have alternative channels to show the sport and allow other folk to enjoy their favourite entertainment programmes or a decent movie.

C’mon, give us a break!

KM, Glasgow

WHY is this government subsiding these energy companies to charge us exorbitant amounts for our energy?

Why do they not just order them to cut their prices by this amount and get prices back under control? That is all this £400 is a payout to profiteers.

William Allan, East Kilbride

GOOD report from Stewart Paterson on the litter problem in Glasgow.

When folk go abroad on holiday we always comment on how clean and spotless these places are kept.

We all keep blaming others for the mess we see around us but can people honestly say that they are doing their bit to keep the city clean?

As Stewart says, all these fast-food containers, plastic bottles etc don’t just fall from out of the sky.

Perhaps if we all took a bit more responsibility in putting rubbish in its rightful place we would have a city to be proud of.

MA, Glasgow

IT’S time David Linden took a reality check on SNP achievements to date.

Praising Nicola Sturgeon for her leadership (leading us down the rocky road to ruin). Stop blaming the Westminster government for issues when the SNP controls the NHS, street cleaning etc.

There is an old saying David, “good news takes care of itself”, so focus on the above and much more, then blow your trumpet.

FMK, East Kilbride

HERE we go – more strikes, all looking for big pay increases.

They’re not thinking about the consequences – whoever they work for will put up their prices. What about people who have to live on their pension or people on benefits? They can’t go on strike for more. They should live within their means. The best idea is to ban strikes and get around the table and talk first and stop disrupting the country.

Robert Cadden, Via email