A DRIVER launched a hammer at two women in a car after being filled with road rage.

Thomas Crowley, 26, was driving on London Road, in the city’s East End, along with another vehicle on March 21, 2020, shortly before 5pm.

He came to a stop at traffic lights and got out of his Renault. Meanwhile, the other vehicle approached the same traffic lights in the lane beside him.

But Crowley got a hammer from the boot of his car and threw it at the woman’s vehicle, causing damage to a window.

He then started shouting and swearing at the driver, who then pulled into a nearby layby.

Crowley got back into his own car and drove away.

Police were contacted.

The woman, who was renting the vehicle at the time, was made to pay £899 when returning it due to the damage caused by Crowley.

On May 19, police attended his address and spoke to the occupier of the home.

Officers phoned him the following day. He was not formally cautioned and charged as he was not available to attend a police office.

Crowley appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week.

His lawyer said his client's car had been “significantly damaged” by the woman.

He said: “He advises me that his car remains damaged to this day. He can’t afford to pay to get it fixed.

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“He advises me every panel has been damaged and he would require a new door.”

Sheriff Patricia Pryce informed the lawyer that if Crowley had proof, she would be happy to look at it.

His lawyer added: “Whatever happened, he indicates that it caused him to see red.

“He accepts that he should not have done this. He still feels very angry about the matter. The complainer has lost out and has to be compensated.

“This is a serious matter which should not have occurred.

“There seems to be some sort of anger management issue which could be dealt with by supervision.

“There also needs to be a punishment side. I would ask you to impose unpaid work as his employment requires him to work at night.”

Sheriff Pryce told Crowley: “This is an appalling situation. These women must have been absolutely terrified by having a hammer thrown at them by some thug.

“You do have a limited record so I can deal with this by direct alternative to custody.”

Crowley was placed under supervision for 15 months and ordered to carry out 240 hours of unpaid work.

He was also ordered to pay the woman £899 compensation.

The sentence was imposed as a direct alternative to custody.