A DRINK-DRIVER crashed into two vehicles and veered onto the opposite side of the road before running away.

Robert King, 36, made off after his blue Ford Focus came to a stop on a pavement in Cardonald.

Police had been out searching for King after an anonymous caller stated she saw an intoxicated man entering a car on the morning of June 27 last year.

Members of the public noticed King speeding “excessively” on Berryknowes Road.

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At Glasgow Sheriff Court last week, the prosecutor said: “The accused collided into the rear of a grey Renault, which was parked. The impact caused severe damage to both vehicles.

“The force caused the Renault to move further up the road and into a metal barrier. The Ford was carrying such excessive speed that it then veered onto the opposite carriageway.

“There was no oncoming traffic and the Ford thereafter collided with a parked Vauxhall van, causing damage.

“The Ford carried on and came to a stop onto a footpath.”

A woman in her home looked out the window after hearing loud bangs.

She saw King being helped out of his car by members of the public, before running away.

He was eventually apprehended by cops, after throwing away a set of car keys.

The keys were picked up from near his feet.

The prosecutor added: “He appeared to be heavily intoxicated and had slurred speech. He had glazed eyes and a distinct smell of alcohol coming from him.

“He began to cry and continuously stated ‘I’m sorry’. He was arrested and conveyed to A&E at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

“At 3.40pm, police required him to provide a sample of breath, to which he agreed.

“He was released from hospital.”

On July 8, King attended at Helen Street police office where he was cautioned and charged, to which he replied, “no comment”.

The Crown did not reveal the cost of the damage to the vehicles that King crashed into.

Sheriff Patricia Pryce said: “He has previous, but I accept there’s a 17-year gap in offending. If there wasn’t such a big gap, there would be no discussions today.”

King’s lawyer said: “He has mental health difficulties along with alcohol difficulties. He has taken steps to address these off his own back.

“He’s in a long-term relationship which provides him focus and stability. He’s not currently working.”

Sheriff Pryce replied: “The report says he’s not working because of his issues but is fit for unpaid work. I don’t want to impose unpaid work and weeks down the line I get an application to review it.”

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The defence solicitor confirmed his client would comply with unpaid work.

But the sheriff told King: “I will defer matters for clarification from social work and for the defence to produce confirmation to see if you would be suitable for unpaid work.

“All options remain on the table here and I want you to be prepared for that. It’s the worst driving without care or attention offence I have heard in my life. It’s very, very serious.

“I will explore every option, but I’m not content with what’s in the report.”

King, of Corkerhill, will return to court later this month.