THIS is the hilarious moment a pony made an escape across Queen's Park - being chased by a local cafe owner.

Transylvania Shop and Coffee owners have become renowned for bringing Shetland ponies to local events.

To the delight of locals, they have the horses out on Victoria Road at Christmas. 

And yesterday they had two of the cute animals in Queen's Park as part of the Govanhill Carnival.

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But the cafe seemed to have bitten off more than it could chew... as one carnival-goer shot this video of a pony making its escape across the park.

The words "Horses on leads, please" can be heard as viewers chuckle at the equine great escape. 


A Transylvania cafe worker chases behind the pony, but she is not for stopping and keeps up a steady trot into the distance.

Yesterday the cafe also posted on Instagram that it wanted to introduce ponies to the park permanently.

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In a post on social media, the cafe said: "We had, also, a discussion with the First Minister that we want the ponies to become a part of this community, so like this all of you to come in the park with you love ones to see them much often.

"Like they used to be before!"

But we think they might be reconsidering the plans after this display.