IT'S double triple trouble for two Glasgow primary schools today as two sets of triplets join the city's newest pupils.

Today is back to school for thousands of young people - including the Tahir and Birrell Palmer brothers and sisters.

Muhammad Talal Tahir, Muhammad Taha Tahir and Muhammad Talha Tahir will have their teacher's head in a spin at Lorne Primary School.

Glasgow Times:

Mum Vahvia dropped her five-year-old boys off for their first day at the Cessnock school.

She said they were very excited about starting school and had been "counting down the days" - as has she.

Glasgow Times:

Vahvia said: "It's very exciting for me too because all the time the boys are turning everything here and there at home, they keep me very busy.

"So I'm excited they are going to school and ready to gain new friends and meet new people."

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The fraternal triplets all have very different personalities, their mum said, with one a big fan of cars and another loving colouring in.

Glasgow Times:

At the nearby Govan Gaelic School, mums Lyndsey and Lesley Birrell Palmer were saying an emotional farewell to their triplets.

But the goodbye was made easier knowing that six-year-old big brother Lewie, who's in P3, will be keeping an eye on Indi, Ella and Lexi.

Lyndsey and Lesley, from King's Park, said they are more excited than their triplets for the first day of school.

Glasgow Times:

Having had four children under two at one point, the mums have earned the break.

Lyndsey said: "When Lewie left nursery it was during covid so everything was very restricted and we missed out on a lot of the milestones and only my wife went in at his first day of school.

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"So we feel like we're making up for losing that experience last time."

Glasgow Times:

Like Talal, Taha and Talha, the Birrell Palmer triplets are all very much their own girls.

Lyndsey said Indi is very honest and does what she's told as a very responsible young lady while Ella is "very calm" and never raises her voice but "needs to be told 100 times" to do anything.

Lexi is a little comedian and is constantly laughing and making the rest of the family laugh.

And Lewie adores his little sisters, referring to them as "my girls".

Glasgow Times:

Lyndsey remembers the shock of finding out she and her wife were having triplets.

She said: "Two weeks prior to that scan we'd found out it was twins but we went for another scan, just before Christmas, and you could so clearly see that there were three babies.

"We're both PE teachers and I had been on a Christmas night out the night before so was feeling a bit worse for wear.

"But I nearly fainted. Lesley was lying on the bed pregnant but rubbing my back and telling me it was all going to be alright.

"After that everything moved at 100 miles per hour."

The girls were born at 36 weeks and friends and family rallied round on an informal rota system to make sure there was support at all times.

Lyndsey added: "We have been very blessed and we know how lucky we are."

Glasgow Times:

The triplets are among almost 5800 P1s starting school across Glasgow today - and join 42 sets of twins.

Councillor Christina Cannon, City Convener for Education, Skills and Early Years said: “It is back to school for Glasgow’s pupils today and our primary schools will be welcoming almost 5800 P1s to schools across the city.

“This will be a very exciting day for our wee ones and our families can be reassured that our schools are nurturing, caring and inclusive environments in which their children will flourish with the very best learning and teaching on offer.”