Private rents in Glasgow have shot up to £1000 a month according to a new study.

Rents are now at an average of £997 a month in the city, up from £882 last year.

The report by City Lets showed a rise of more than £100 a month in the last year in Glasgow.

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Property experts say that there are not enough flats to meet demand and many landlords have sold up and tenants are staying in a property for longer.

The Glasgow rise is a 13% increase with flats typically only taking two weeks to let once they become available.

The average for a one-bedroom flat in Glasgow has gone up by 11% to £744 a month.

A two-bedroom property will cost tenants £1015, the highest increase at 16%.

Larger properties are scarcer in the city and a three-bedroom home will cost on average £1465 up 14% and a four-bed home costs £2185 also up 14%.

Over the last five years, rents in Glasgow have gone up by 32%.

Hannah Jardine, of Cairn Letting, said: “The demand for property across the city is still very high, with properties continuing to let within a very short window of going on the market.

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“As the students start to move back to the city to start back at university, we are seeing even more demand for all different sizes of properties; bigger groups are struggling to find student lets and are splitting up into 2’s and 3’s just to be able to line up properties for the upcoming academic year.

“The HMO market is busier than ever, with not enough larger properties to meet the demand.

“We are continuing to see new landlords looking to invest and let out their properties which is helping with the ever-growing lettings market.”

There have been calls for a rent freeze to tackle the cost of living crisis.

Last week Labour leader Anas Sarwar called for a freeze unless landlords could prove a financial disadvantage and a ban on evictions over the winter.

Tenants Union, Living Rent has also called for a rent freeze.

Silas Lehan, a spokesperson for Living Rent said. “By hiking up rents by an average of 16% across Glasgow, landlords are pouring petrol on the cost of living crisis at a time when household costs are already spiralling out of control for many Glaswegians. 

“With wages stagnant, and the highest inflation rate in 40 years, such high rent increases are completely unaffordable. Tenants are simply unable to cope.

“The Scottish government has promised rent controls by the end of this parliament but tenants need support now.

“We need emergency measures, such as an immediate rent freeze to protect those bearing the brunt of the crisis before rent controls bring the cost of living down.”

Scottish Tenants Organisation co-ordinator Sean Clerkin said: “To stop this happening we must introduce an immediate rent freeze in Glasgow and other parts of Scotland to last for at least two years.”