Users of the social media app TikTok may have come across clips over the last few days referencing American actress, Drew Barrymore, as a racist.

In July the star posted a video to her account sharing a video of her enjoying the rain.

In the clip, she says: “Whenever you can, go out into the rain. Do not miss the opportunity.”

The comments were flooded with remarks, complimenting her positive attitude. One user wrote, “Drew Barrymore has always carried the best vibe.”

Another said, “I want to experience a simple joy like this”.

Why is Drew Barrymore racist according to TikTok?

However, recently a duet of the actress’s video has donned her actions as ‘racist’.

The now-deleted TikTok account, @amushroomblackly, called out the star for copying “frolicking black men.”



♬ original sound - Drew Barrymore

They said: “You and I both know you are capable of enjoying the rain, frolicking freely, without filming it and posting it to TikTok.”

The user claimed Barrymore had copied a previous viral trend which saw black creators frolic through fields.

TikTokers have come to the defence of the actress, with the video comments now flooded with support.

One wrote: “I came from that one stitch, who else is confused?”

Another wrote on Twitter, “I have watched this three times and I don’t understand how Drew Barrymore liking rain is problematic.”

The backlash prompted @amushroomblackly to post a series of videos defending their view, however, it seems that the majority of the online community could not be convinced. 

Barrymore has not commented on this.