KEVIN Bridges has pressed ahead with a run of shows in Glasgow despite many events being cancelled in the wake of the Queen's death, joking "she won't be the only old woman who is going to die this winter".

The Clydebank comic made the comments at a performance hours after the 96-year-old's death was announced yesterday, at a gig he described as "the only fucking show in Britain going ahead this evening".

Bridges joked he was wearing his trademark black suit "in tribute" to the late monarch, and said it was probably "the last show before we go back into lockdown".

The audience at the Hydro roared with laughter in a video shared on TikTok.

He has been performing his new show in Glasgow from September 1 to 25.

Bridges said: "Good evening on this historic evening.

"This is the 40th time that I have performed at this venue so I'm sure you'll read about it in all the papers in the morning, on the front page of the Daily Telegraph.

"The doors were at 6.30pm and she hung on, it's what she would have wanted, so welcome."

And he joked Prime Minister Liz Truss would take the opportunity to bury bad news, saking she would "add a zero" onto the new £2500 price cap announced on Thursday before news of the Queen's death broke. 

Amid speculation workers could be due a Bank Holiday, Bridges joked members of the audience were "checking their phones to see if they've got the day off in the morning".

He added: "I was up until 5am f*cking grieving.

"The show is going ahead, she's not going to be the only old woman to die this winter."