IN THE middle of lockdown, when the world was “in need of a laugh”, actor Brian James O’Sullivan made some silly videos about a Glaswegian couple talking about life, the universe and everything.

The next morning, he woke up to thousands of likes and retweets on social media and since then, people have taken to doctor surgery receptionist Janice and her husband Frank as if they’re family.

Glasgow Times:

“I think they often forget they are just watching a man in his living room having a laugh,” grins Brian, who lives in the west end.

“Scottish humour is robust and enduring: if people recognise a turn of phrase or a trait and find it funny, they don’t mind if the gag isn’t surrounded by massive production values or interrogated by teams of writers.”

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As the world began to get back to normal, Brian decided to take Janice and Frank to the stage and in December 2021, the first chapter of their story arrived at Oran Mor. It is a one-man comedy tour de force, weaving Scottish stories we can all recognise through monologues which are at times side-splitting and at others, heart-breaking.

Glasgow Times:

“When we were wee, and our maw had finished peeling the potatoes, we’d put the stick the peelings in a bit of an old newspaper and pretend we worked at a chippy…that was the height of sophistication….”

“I don’t drink any of that latte, cappuccino whatever business… you go in some places, and they say, you want an Americano? I feel like saying, just gie’s a Scottisho. See, just a normal, Scottish cup of coffee…it’s a coffee I’m wanting, no’ a production….”

The show was a sell-out success and now, the second part - Uh Huh: The Janice and Frank Story 2022 has been winning the hearts of theatre-goers around Scotland since it opened earlier this month. From September 14 until 16 it is at Oran Mor.

The inspiration for Janice came in part from his mum, Susan, and also from some early work experience.

Glasgow Times:

“When I finished drama school, I actually worked in a doctor’s surgery for a while, and I was a call handler for NHS 24,” says Brian. “So I also got to know the lingo and I just found the women’s stories very funny.” 

Brian, also known as Brido Hingwy, has amassed him viral fame with an online audience of almost 40,000 people for the Janice and Frank videos, as well as praise from Scottish comedy icons such as Limmy and Still Game’s Ford Kiernan. 

Brian inherited his love of the stage from his parents, who were both amateur dramatics fans. His own debut was huge, however - at the age of nine, he landed the part of Oliver in Cameron Mackintosh’s west end musical at the London Palladium.

“I remember queueing up with hundreds of other wee boys, in Glasgow, to audition,” he recalls. “And I got the part. At the time I don’t think I really understood just how big a deal it was. I thought all theatres looked like the London Palladium.”

Brian also plays accordion and piano accompaniment at Irish dancing competitions, inspired by his father who has done it for years, and recently, he wrote the book and music and starred in Oscar at Oran Mor’s a Play A Pie and A Pint lunchtime theatre series.

For now, however, Janice and Frank, with their warm, hilarious and moving take on Scottish life, are keeping him busy.

“It’s a project close I’m doing off my own bat, without funding from any organisations or bodies,” he explains, adding with a laugh: “I’m just hoping people will come and have a good night out.”

Uh Huh: The Janice and Frank Story 2022 is at Oran Mor from September 14 to 16. Visit for tickets and more information.