I CAMPAIGNED for Margaret Thatcher. She believed in sound money. She beat the 20% inflation inherited from James Callaghan.

Printing banknotes for the wealthy does not look like sound money to me. They have all they need already, and some of them are saying so.

Now I hear that benefits for the poor may be targeted for economy.

I can think of many names for the squinting schoolgirl and quasi-Chancellor, but Conservative isn’t one of the expressions in my mind.

For a different reason, I no longer call myself Conservative either.

The poor will be aided if Britain rejoins the European Union, because 50% of food eaten in the UK is imported. Recovered exchange rates will make that food less expensive.

Since 2016 the pound has dropped in a series of dramatic lurches which mostly are not followed by recovery.

The worst falls in the pound followed the worst UK decisions about Europe. The pound doesn’t recover from initial scare when those decisions have damaging effects in practice. That will keep getting worse as relations with the EU keep getting more tangled.

The poor will be aided because business will be aided if willing and educated workforces can enter from Europe without formality.

The poor will be aided because they can apply for work throughout the most illustrious and progressive continent in the world.

Two generations of UK people have been born citizens of the European Union. That citizenship has been shredded and UK people will be better off when that’s regained.

Tim Cox

WHY are we calling Liz Truss Prime Minister?

She has not been elected by the people of the United Kingdom using our democratic process, so if Liz Truss is so confident about her policies then hold a General Election.

Jim Tees

I READ one of your articles regarding an Airbnb owner being ordered to stop renting out his flat for short stays.

It is about time the council took action on these landlords.

The renting out of such properties on a weekly basis causes noise pollution and upset for neighbouring residents.

Many people rent out these homes to party in at the weekends, and end up staying up shouting until all hours, keeping other homeowners up.

J Simpson

I’VE heard people complain about roads being closed because of the Great Scottish Run.

I think it’s lovely to see it return to Glasgow after so long. All the runners taking part did our city proud and we can go a few hours without needing to use our cars!

P Milne, Maryhill