Drivers have been warned they could lose out on money due to leaves on their car this autumn.

Falling leaves can be a costly hinderance for motorists with experts warning a build up of dried leave on their car could lead to an expensive bill for their car.

Fallen leaves can become wedged under windscreen wipers as well as experts warning that a build-up of dirt can result in blocking the drainage on your car.

Company director of UK leasing company Select Car Leasing, Mark Tongue warned dead leaves can strip paintwork, clog vents, damage electrical systems and even cause a fire risk.

He said: “Most motorists know the dangers posed by leaves on the road in Autumn. They create a skid hazard, they camouflage potholes and other road irregularities, and they're a particular nemesis of motorcyclists. But what you might not realise is that leaves can create carnage for vehicles in other ways, too.

“Our advice is to think twice about parking your car under trees for a prolonged period of time, and you need to de-leaf your car as regularly as you can during autumn. It's also important motorists are aware of the risks in the first place.”