A man forced open a close door and stole a camping chair.

A witness was in his living room at his home in Partick when he heard a loud banging noise shortly before midnight on January 15, 2022.

He looked outside and spotted someone outside the close, trying to force open the door.

This was Alexander Keith, aged 38, who appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court for sentencing last week.

Keith was observed to gain entry to the close and make his way in. The man raised the alarm with other neighbours.

A woman left her flat and saw Keith moving around and picking up items.

Police were called. The two neighbours stayed to keep an eye on Keith, but he left before cops arrived.

He was found nearby whilst carrying a large plastic bag and a camping chair. The items were removed from him and taken back to those living in the close.

One of them confirmed the camping chair had been in the common close.

Keith was not cautioned and charged due to his intoxicated state.

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Sheriff Valerie Mays said: “Alarming for the people residing there.

“I'm prepared to deal with this by restriction of liberty order.”

Keith was ordered to stay in his home in Maryhill between 8pm-7am for 135 days, as a direct alternative to custody.