An inclusive bar in Glasgow has announced it must take emergency measures to stay open as the cost-of-living crisis threatens trading.

Bonjour Bar in Saltmarket operates as a cooperative with staff and has been hugely popular in the LGBTQ+ community since it opened amid the pandemic in June 2021.

The bar will be holding an emergency fundraiser on Friday, October 14, and has also suggested ways the community can help it acquire funding.

In a statement posted on Instagram, the team behind Bonjour wrote: “We are a club, events, and community space that prioritises underrepresented groups in the LGBTQ+ community: People of colour, trans and non-binary people, and queer women.

“We are [a queer workers] owned co-op. We believe in working collaboratively rather than hierarchically.

“We aren’t driven by profits, we’re driven by the urgent need to provide this space to our city. We are constantly looking for ways in which we can be more accessible and provide a safer space for our community.

“We aim to create a space where queer people are not just accepted but celebrated.

“Bonjour first opened its doors on 5th June 2021 in the Saltmarket area of Glasgow city centre.

“Since then we have weathered various storms: the pandemic, unforeseen closures, the reoccurring theft of Divine’s portrait from our unisex toilets, and now the rising cost of energy which has impacted our customers, community, suppliers and staff.

“Recently, these financial factors have hit us hard.

“We have struggled to absorb the costs of backdated rent payments resulting from the pandemic, unforeseen closures related to plumbing issues on Saltmarket and the high cost of security staffing - something which is essential to our venue in order to keep our community members safe.

“This week we reached a point where we can no longer manage these costs without taking action.

“Our co-op members are assessing all options to save the business.

“At present, we’re unsure about Bonjour’s future, and we’re facing the reality that we may have to close.

“However, we have no intention of giving up without a fight and we’re now asking for help.”

Owners of Bonjour Bar are looking for innovative ways to keep trading, including looking for other small businesses to share the space, allowing the bar to be hired for private events, and seeking any funding or sponsorship opportunities that might be available.