Have you ever wondered how much you’ve cost the NHS in your lifetime? From broken bones to missed GP appointments, prescriptions and physio, you may not realise how much it adds up.

According to Statista, the UK spent over £216.8 billion on health in 2021/22, but what portion of that was for you?

Insurance company GoCompare has an interactive tool which can help you assess how much you have cost the NHS. The tool, called ‘Bill of Health’ allows you to enter your medical conditions, appointments, prescriptions and more to try and ascertain just how much your approximate bill is to date.

How much have I cost the NHS?

You are asked how many GP appointments you have attended, how many prescriptions, missed appointments and more.

It then asks about various health conditions such as diabetes, whether or not you have given birth to children and if you have broken any bones.

Glasgow Times: Approximate NHS bill Approximate NHS bill (Image: GoCompare Bill of Healtj)

When you’ve entered all your details, the tool will provide you with an estimated bill for the NHS.

It then asks you to enter to salary and it will work out exactly what your yearly contribution to NHS services is.

The website does disclaim that these bills are an estimation: “All costs listed in this interactive are approximate and should not be relied upon as definitive.

“Average costs have been sourced from a variety of publications which can be found here. NHS tax contributions displayed are approximate calculations, and only standard rate has been used to provide general estimates.”

You can try the Bill of Health tool on the website here.