Scotland is buzzing with the news that Popeyes will be opening its very first UK drive-thru near Glasgow.

The fast food chain is set to open next year in Barrhead.

It will take the place of the former Nestlé Purina factory which is currently being transformed after it lay derelict for 15 years.

Popeyes was also granted permission to convert the 'Pound Shop' on Sauchiehall Street into a restaurant. Glasgow City Council approved these plans in September.

Ahead of the chain's new Scotland opening, here’s everything you need to know about the US-born fast food.

When was Popeyes established?

Popeyes was established 50 years ago in New Orleans, Louisiana. The first restaurant opened in 1972 and was then called ‘Chicken On The Run’.

After a few months the restaurant reopened as Popeyes, selling spicy, New Orleans-style chicken.

How many stores does Popeye have worldwide?

Popeyes is a global sensation, with over 2700 restaurants in the US, UK and around the world.

What is on the Popeyes menu?

Menus will vary, but the UK website has some great teasers of what could be coming to Glasgow soon.

Customers will have the choice of a mix of chicken burgers, all available with classic crispy chicken or spicy.

Chicken tenders and wings are also on the menu, as well as a variety of shakes, and sides including mac and cheese and Cajun fries!

Dips include garlic mayonnaise, voodoo sweet chilli, red hot honey and many more.

There are also various flavours of ice cream are to be enjoyed for dessert if you’re not too full.

Can't wait for Popeyes to open? Head to the website to see the full menu and get your taste buds ready.