JUST watched John Swinney plead poverty saying they’re unable to meet the NHS union demands.

Forgive me, I’m just a simple OAP but I can’ t help to wonder if Nicola Sturgeon and Co. are “genuinely” concerned about our “plight”?

If so, then may I ask, how much money has the SNP government stashed in their coffers for their independence campaign?

How much of it is siphoned taxpayers’ money?

Did they get approval from ALL Scottish taxpayers to use their money to fund the SNP dreams? I think not!

Of course, I could be wrong.

FMK, East Kilbride

I NOTE MPs are planning a visit to Glasgow city centre at the four corners and St Enoch Square due to antisocial behaviour.

I am disappointed not to see SNP or Labour councillors visiting the area beforehand. I hope the current councillors haven’t lost touch with the people of Glasgow.

Name and address supplied

YOU could just build a template when it comes to ScotRail (Trains from Glasgow disrupted due to severe weather, Wednesday). “ScotRail services disrupted due to XXXXX” and release it a few times a day.

The services are so bad, and just so many different reasons and excuses it’s a bit of a joke. Appreciate it’s not all their fault with weather, Network Rail issues etc but it’s a pretty lame service even when that is not all in place.

Expected to pay a premium price for it as well.

Moonk Calder

OUR story about struggling fish and chip shops sparked discussion, here is a selection of comments...

WON’T be buying anything out the chippy, can’t afford it.

SO many people can’t afford it, my wages only go so far. I think it’s a joke £10 for fish.

SUCH a shame, the chippy was always a tradition after a night out or a last-minute tea when you couldn’t be bothered cooking.