I SEE some MSPs are asking for an inquiry into the malicious case against the people involved in the Rangers takeover years ago. 

This has cost the Scottish public £50 million so far through it being mishandled, and we have not even looked at the cost of inquiries into Covid in care homes, the Edinburgh trams system and CalMac ferries, and that is just a few of the inquiries this SNP government has on its plate which is costing the people in Scotland millions.

WM McCarron, Glasgow

IN my area where I live the fireworks have been getting set off for weeks by the don’t care and moronic section of our neighbourhood.

Our pets are terrified and so are some people, yet Holyrood do nothing despite promises saying that they would.

I for one am fed up with the Scottish Government’s fragile and easily broken promises. Maybe if we sent our pets’ veterinary bills to them for payment...

All it takes is for a total ban on firework sales to the public and for only organised and officially licensed displays to be permitted.

Caroline McCord, Glasgow

I READ about someone praising their councillor and the road department for getting their gullies cleaned.

We have been trying to get ours cleaned for the past three to four years in Blairdardie despite walkabouts from councillors, road management teams and other officials from the council.

Maybe it depends which part of the city you live in or if you pay that little bit more in council tax.

Name and address supplied

ANYONE throwing fireworks at another person should be locked up for 10 years minimum. No ifs, no buts.

Unscrupulous shopkeepers, too, should be jailed for supplying fireworks to those who are underage, not given a slap on the wrist and a fine.

All this is, of course, due to the SNP’s failed policies of removing discipline from homes and their budget cuts to the police.

Colin MacEwan