With the opening of a new Bob & Berts location on Glasgow's Sauchiehall Street, many are eager to find out more and have a taste of this major Irish coffee chain.

The cafe has dozens of locations in its home of Northern Ireland as well as Scotland and northwest England.

With the news that Glasgow planning officials have granted the chain permission to open a city centre location, many were eager to express their excitement on Twitter with one user saying: "@BobandBerts has planning permission to open up in Glasgow. I honestly can't wait. Can we get tickets to be first through the door pleeeeeeease!!"

With so many buzzing about the new location, here is everything you need to know ahead of the Bob & Berts opening in Glasgow.

What is Bob & Berts?

Bob & Berts is an Irish-based coffee shop chain that aims to serve "proper coffee" and "great grub."

The first Bob & Barts store opened in 2013 in Portstewart, Northern Ireland, and in a few short years, had opened dozens of locations across the country.

The brand operates a Bob & Berts online gift shop where it sells merchandise as well as a Bob & Berts Coffee Club which sends members a monthly delivery of coffee and lets them try new products first.

How many Bob & Berts are there?

The Northern Irish coffee chain operates 15 locations in Northern Ireland, six in Scotland, and three in England.

Its Scottish locations include Falkirk, Kirkaldy, Stirling, Dunfermline, Dumfries, and Perth.

How much is a cup of coffee in Bob & Berts?

The cost of a cup of coffee is very affordable with prices for a standard large House Roast only being £2.35, while an Espresso is £2.40, and a Latte is £3.75.

On the food side of things, popular items like their Short Stack Pancakes cost £6.95 and are topped with crispy bacon, maple syrup, and cream.

To see the menu and the prices for yourself, please visit the menu section of the Bob & Berts website.

What are the Bob & Berts opening times?

Bob & Berts opens from 8 am to 6 pm on Monday to Saturday and opens from 10 am to 6 pm on Sundays.

Where is Bob & Berts Glasgow going to be?

The new store will open in the vacant unit at 154 Sauchiehall Street and be set up as a restaurant and takeaway.

When is Bob & Bert's opening in Glasgow?

The Bob & Berts location was given the go-ahead by Glasgow City Council chiefs but has not yet set an exact date for its opening.

The anticipated store is likely to open next year and comes amid a new opening in Perth in July.

To find out more and see their menu, please visit the Bob & Bert website.