TWELVE swans have been found dead at a park in Glasgow.

The local authority revealed that the birds were discovered in Hogganfield Park, in the city's East End.

A dog walker took to social media to warn others to stay away, after witnessing the distressing scene this morning.

It is believed the cause of death is due to avian flu, otherwise known as bird flu. 

Glasgow City Council said the birds will be removed and warned members of the public to avoid contact with any dead birds.

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A post on Twitter read: "We have received reports of six dead swans at Hogganfield Park and in line with advice from DEFRA we're assuming the birds have died from avian flu.

"Please avoid any contact with a dead bird or any bird that appears to be visibly sick & report this by phoning 0141 287 1059." 

Around 40 minutes later, an update read: "We have been advised there are now 12 confirmed deaths, and the number is expected to rise." 

A spokesperson for the council said: “Due to the high footfall in the park, we have engaged an approved contractor to ensure the birds are removed and disposed of appropriately.

“We are monitoring our parks regularly but members of the public are advised to avoid any contact with a dead bird or any bird that appears to be visibly sick.

“If anyone encounters a dead or sick bird they should report this to our environmental health team through our website or by calling 0141 287 1059.”

The country has been facing its largest-ever outbreak of avian flu –  and bird keepers including those with hens have been told to protect their flocks. 

An Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ) has been declared across Great Britain to lessen the risk of the disease spreading in poultry and other captive birds. 

Bird keepers must follow strict biosecurity and hygiene measures to protect their flocks from the disease.