A GLASGOW gran said winning a radio competition's jackpot prize has been "life-changing" for her.

Eileen Tonner won a massive £200,000 just days before Christmas after entering Clyde 1's popular Cash Register.

She was called by host Garry Spence, and the moment was shared on the radio station's Twitter page during a short clip.

After Eileen answers her phone, Garry tells her: "Eileen, it's Garry Spence here!"

She replies: "Oh my God, Garry! Ohhhh."

The radio presenter reminds her to breathe and asks her if she's with anyone after she begins to get flustered.

She replies: "Yes, I'm with my sisters. I'm making them their Christmas dinner and I've just poured them a wee Christmas sherry!"

Garry tells her: "You're gonna need more than that... " before asking her to sit down for him.

Eileen agrees and Garry asks: "Apart from your sisters, who else is in your family? Do you live with anyone? What's the deal?"

She tells him: "Listen, I've got four daughters, I've got nine grandchildren, just a brand new baby granddaughter - wee Jade, she was just born last week. And I've got two great-grandchildren. I've got a big, big family so a have."

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Garry joked: "So it's all spent already! I hope the whole lot of them, your 75 grandchildren and your 18 kids are listening right now."

"Eileen, how much money is in the Cash Register?"

After answering £200,000, Garry tells her: "It's heading for your bank account. You've just won the money!"

Eileen screams with excitement and shouts "I can't believe it".

Garry then asks her: "I'm assuming you've worked all your days, right?"

And Eileen tells him: "I've worked all my life, I've been in catering all my life - I've been a cook and I had to stop because I've got terrible arthritis in my legs from standing in kitchens all my life.

"But that's me retired now and I'm just enjoying retirement. I go swimming and everything, you know, and go to wee clubs and that."

Garry added: "And all those years you're grafting, like the rest of us, you're getting by, you somehow make it work.

"But you've presumably never seen this sort of money let alone had it in your bank account?"

Eileen replies: "Never. Never, ever, ever. Never had anything near that. Never in my life.

"No I've had to work for everything, do you know what I mean?"

Garry reveals: "People are going to love you.

"Eileen, it's going to be a very happy Christmas and retirement. You've just won £200,000."

Eileen then tells Garry he made her the "happiest woman alive".

After the radio station shared the "heartwarming" video, Eileen wrote: "I want to send my enormous thanks to everyone at Clyde 1 and especially Garry Spence, this is life-changing for me and I will be forever grateful." 

Someone replied: "That is emotional."

Another added: "You had me in tears, Eileen. You sound like the exact person I want to win it if it’s not going to be me. Hope you had more than one wee sherry with your sisters to celebrate. Merry Xmas." 

Someone else said: "Aw brilliant, Eileen! Love this! Couldn't happen to a nicer person!"