Ekin-Su Culculoglu, who won ITV's Love Island last year, said she "fears doing a Gemma Collins" during her appearances on Dancing On Ice.

The 28-year-old actor, who won the ITV relationship show along with Davide Sanclimenti, is looking to add another win to her list in this year's series of the ice skating show.

Gemma Collins from The Only Way Is Essex is one of the show's more memorable contestants.

The reality TV star took part in Dancing On Ice's 2019 series and had a rocky time, falling flat on her face before getting up and continuing with her performance.

Culculoglu said if that happens to her: “It will be hilarious – you’ve got to laugh at it and style it out, and we’ll be trending for five years on YouTube. Bonus, right?”

Later during her press call, she said that if you are not "falling" on ice “you’re not doing it right”.

She added: “You have to fall on the ice to do well, to get better to learn, ice skating is no joke.

“So, like, you have to listen to your coach, you have to take those steps, and if you fall it is scary, you have to protect yourself, but you just have to get back up.


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“It’s all about being strong and understanding that it’s OK to hurt yourself. It’s fine, and not being scared and not letting it put you off the whole experience.”

She later said: “I’m nervous, not (going to) lie… because it’s live.

“So, like, if we flip one little movement it will basically mess up the whole thing and I think before the live I’m told we go over it at least… 10 times so it’s like memorised.”

Regarding the Dancing On Ice costumes, she said: “The outfits are so glam, guys. They’re lovely, and I think the guys are great, the girls look great.

“It’s just such a glamorous production. You know, you’ve got the fake eyelashes, you’ve got the extensions (and) you’ve got the fishnet tights.”

Are Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin-Su from Love Island still together?

Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin-Su Culculoglu won the 2022 series of Love Island and are one of just three contestant couples still together after leaving the Villa.

Dancing On Ice airs on ITV and ITVX every Sunday at 6:30 pm.