A campaign group fighting to stop the demolition of four high-rise blocks say they have started an occupation of the buildings.

The flats in Wyndford, in the Maryhill area, are planned for demolition by Wheatley Homes who propose building new homes on the land.

But it has met with opposition from some in the area, who want the multi-storey blocks retained and refurbished.

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The group, Wyndford Residents Union unfurled a banner from one of the blocks, stating “homes for people not profit”.

They then announced that activists have started an occupation of empty flats in a bid to get Wheatley Homes to negotiate over keeping the flats.

Glasgow Times:

Wheatley Group said the blocks at 120, 151, 171 and 191 Wyndford Road, which comprise bedsits and one-bedroom flats, have low levels of occupancy and high rates of turnover.

The campaigners, however, say the plan will result in fewer homes in the area and be unaffordable to most who live there.

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Nick Durie, of Wyndford Residents Union, said: “They want to take these 600 flats down and replace them with 300 mid-market rent flats.

“They told us in a newsletter that there was no other option. But a report, by AJ Balfour, says there is an alternative they could renovate these flats.”

Wheatley Homes Glasgow said the campaigners are wrong and the proposal for the area is around 255 of the 300 new homes will be for social housing, with the remaining 45 for affordable housing.

The campaigers said they want to force an Environmental Impact Assessment to be carried out and for planning laws to be looked at.

He added: “We will fight this on every level.

“We said we were going to occupy the flats. I can tell you that has now already happened.”

No details of how many flats were occupied or how many people were inside but one source claimed there were up to 20 people across the four blocks.

Mr Durie added: “We have been trying to negotiate with GHA (Wheatley) for 14 months. We are now going to up the ante.”

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Another activist, Stephanie, of Wyndford Residents Union, said: “This is going to be a successful occupation of these homes. We have made a positive case for the redevelopment of these flats.

“This is mass housing for working-class people. This is social and economic neglect.

“We demand homes for people not profit. We fought SSE over energy prices and won. We know how to win and will win again. These flats are not coming down.”

Wheatley Housing Group said most tenants when asked in a consultation favoured demolition and new homes built.

Wheatley Group said after an eight-week consultation, 85% of tenants backed the £73m regeneration plans and 87% of tenants living in the four blocks earmarked for demolition supported the proposals.

A spokesperson for Wheatley Homes Glasgow said: “Let’s be clear about this: this very small group of activists do not represent the views of the vast majority of tenants in Wyndford.

“We are in touch with the tenants in these four blocks every day and they tell us they are excited about the £73m regeneration plans which will see 300 fantastic new energy-efficient, family-friendly homes built in Wyndford.

“It’s important to note also that more than 90% of tenants in these blocks have already either moved or have been offered another Wheatley home in an area of their choice.

“A structural engineer report confirmed restructuring these blocks is not feasible. The report made clear-cutting through the thick concrete walls would compromise the structural integrity and stability of these buildings and was not a feasible option.”