A DRUNK was spotted swerving a tot from side to side in its pram as he stumbled along the street singing.

Liam Thomas was walking along Linthaugh Road in Pollok when a member of the public noticed him to be heavily intoxicated on August 28 last year.

At 6pm, the 29-year-old was seen swerving the buggy from side to side, which had a young child in it.

He was also stumbling on his feet and singing loudly.

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The member of the public called 999.

Meanwhile, Thomas continued walking and reached the One O One store at Lyoncross Road.

Cops arrived at 6.20pm and described him as having glazed eyes and saliva around his mouth.

He was noted to be stumbling, slurring his words, and involuntary spitting when speaking with officers.

Thomas was arrested and taken to Helen Street police office where he was cautioned.

He replied “b******t, b******t, b******t”, before beginning to behave in a “volatile manner”.

Cops placed him in the prone position.

He called an officer a “p**f”, before making comments that the officers’ children were “p***s”.

He was not formally cautioned and charged due to his intoxicated state.

Thomas, of Parkhouse in North Glasgow, appeared in the city’s Sheriff Court on Friday after previously pleading guilty to being drunk whilst in charge of a child and uttering homophobic remarks.

His lawyer revealed that his client is already on three community payback orders, including unpaid work.

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He added: “You could impose a financial penalty or defer sentence to see if he can complete more hours of unpaid work.

“He has an issue with alcohol. This is the last time he was in trouble, and he appears to be engaging with alcohol services.”

Sheriff Patricia Pryce replied: “He put the child at risk, swerving its stroller.”

Thomas’ lawyer added: “He is ashamed about that. He knows how serious that could have been.”

Sheriff Pryce said: “I don’t think there’s much point in deferring this matter. He’s already subject to three community payback orders.

“I will deal with this by financial penalty. Maybe he will stop spending his money on alcohol.”

The sheriff addressed Thomas and said: “My hands are very much tied. I can’t believe I'm actually restricted in sentencing you even though you put a child at risk.”

He was fined £640.

Sheriff Pryce added: “Can I suggest you use the money you usually spend on alcohol to pay the fine and that will assist you?”