Crowds are planning a Glasgow protest after the UK government moved to block Scottish gender recognition reforms.

Campaigners are expected to descend on the Buchanan Galleries steps on Saturday, January 21 at 11am after branding the block as a “disgusting attack on trans people”.

It comes after legislation that would allow trans individuals to obtain a gender recognition certificate (GRC) without a medical diagnosis in Scotland, was challenged by the UK government.

Glasgow Times:

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MSP's passed the Bill, by 86 votes to 39, last month but Scottish Secretary Alister Jack claimed it could have “chilling effects on single-sex spaces” and “significant complications” from having different processes for obtaining a GRC in different parts of the UK.

We previously reported how he initiated a Section 35 order – a never before utilised section of the 1998 Scotland Act – to prevent the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill from gaining royal assent.

Nicola Sturgeon responded by accusing the UK government of “using trans people as a political weapon” if they seek to block gender reforms passed by the Scottish Parliament.

Now angry campaigners have taken to social media to arrange a rally in Glasgow city centre to reject the block.

One person said: “Protest the UK government's attempt to block the Scottish GRA reform and stand in solidarity with this disgusting attack on trans people.”

A second person said: “Trans rights are human rights. Trans people will not be erased.”

A third person said: “With you all in solidarity and thought though.”

A fourth person said: “Show up for our trans community!”

Glasgow Times:

Meanwhile, the Glasgow Times spoke to “frustrated” trans woman Tess Porter DeMarco who worries the block could get in the way of “freedom” for trans people in the future.

The 46-year-old, from Paisley, came out as trans two years ago as a “late bloomer” but has been on her journey since her 20s.

Tess believes if the gender legislation bill had been around when she was younger it could have helped her come out as her true self much sooner.

It comes as the legislation would involve reducing the minimum age and the time required to live in their acquired gender.

Now Tess has been left disappointed by the UK government's attempts to stand in the way of the reforms.

Glasgow Times:



She told the Glasgow Times: “It's frustrating that the UK Government has opposed gender recognition bill.

“The gender legislation Bill represents freedom for transgender people.

“If the bill had been approved years earlier then I most likely would have come out as transgender a lot sooner.

“I fear that the opposition to the legislation from the UK government is a possible precursor to the UK government being far more aggressive towards Scottish sovereignty, as well as the rest of the UK.”