A number of popular household items have been recalled this week as a result of safety issues, including vacuum cleaners, toys and bikes.

The list of product recalls this week includes items sold at Ikea, Amazon and Wish.

Here are some of the items that customers are being asked to return.

IKEA recall

IKEA is recalling its Lettan Mirror as it presents customers with a risk of injury.

An Ikea spokesman said: “IKEA has received reports of the mirrors falling due to the wall fittings breaking, therefore posing the risk of injury.


“As such, we are issuing a recall for repair for the affected date stamps (before and including May 2021).

“Customers are kindly asked to carefully check the stamp dates on the back of their LETTAN mirrors following the instructions below and order wall fittings free of charge if affected.”

Vacuum Cleaner recall

The Bissell Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Floor Cleaner has been recalled due to a fire risk.

A Bissell spokesman said: “We are alerting consumers to a potential issue involving our battery management circuit boards on select Cordless Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner models.

“We are working closely with global consumer safety regulators to issue a voluntary recall of these affected products.

“If you believe your BISSELL® product may be subject to this voluntary recall, please search for the model number behind the clean water tank.

“The number will be listed in a large black bar on the product information sticker.”

The affected model number is 2582E.

Bicycle recall

The 2022 versions of the Cervélo R5 and Caledonia-5 bicycles have been recalled due a fault that makes them a safety risk.

A Cervelo spokesman said: “Safety is our primary concern. We take immediate action if we feel it is ever compromised and we work closely with our authorized retail partners to get our riders back on the road as quickly, and safely as possible.


“There is an issue with the bicycles’ stem faceplate, which could lead to the handlebar slipping at recommended stem bolt torque levels, thereby increasing the risk of a rider losing control of their bicycle and falling. This recall does not affect any other Cervélo products.

“If you own a bicycle that is covered by this recall, please stop riding the bicycle immediately and contact an authorized Cervélo dealer to arrange for a free repair to replace the faceplate.”

Find out more here.

Toy recalls

A number of toys have been recalled from online retailers such as Amazon and Wish.

The Onsinic Pea Plush Toy sold via Amazon has been recalled due to a choking hazard.

A spokesman warned: “The product presents a risk of choking as parts of the product can detach at low force, producing a small part. The small part may be placed in the mouth and swallowed, causing a young child to choke.”

While a Magnetic Fishing Bath Toy sold via Wish has also been recalled because of a choking hazard.

A spokesman added: “The magnetic bait fish was found to have a magnetic flux greater than the maximum permissible level of 50 kG²mm².

“Small, high-powered magnetic products can be easily swallowed and, when ingested, have the potential to cause serious internal injuries within the gastrointestinal tract.”