A YOUNG woman who violently attacked two cops after an argument with her mum has been tagged.

Kelly McClory, 25, appeared in the dock at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Thursday after previously admitting to repeatedly kicking two officers and spitting in one cop’s face.

She had to have fast straps applied to her.

Officers were called to a home at Duffus Street, in Glasgow’s East End, in the early hours of August 6, 2019, due to an ongoing disturbance.

When they arrived, they heard people shouting and swearing in a common close.

They entered the close and began to walk up the stairs, but McClory pushed past them and walked outside.

Officers followed her to make sure she was okay, but she continued running away.

McClory kicked PC Karolak to the leg before “striking” him on the face when they caught up with her on Auchinlea Road.

She was taken to the ground.

As cops attempted to apply handcuffs, McClory managed to free her hand and once again, hit PC Karolak in the face.

She was placed in the rear of a police car.

When cops returned to the home, more officers were asked to attend due to the behaviour of another person.

When handcuffs were applied to them, McClory turned violent again.

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The procurator fiscal depute said: “PC Craig attempted to get into the back seat of the police car to calm her down.

“However, she lashed out with her feet and kicked him to the left-hand side of the face. She then spat on the face of police witness Craig.

“She was able to slip from the handcuffs and was again restrained. The accused again kicked PC Craig to the chest more than five times.

“Police thereafter removed her from the car and placed her on the ground. She was re-handcuffed and fast straps were applied.

“She was placed in the rear of a cell van and conveyed to Govan police station. She was not formally cautioned and charged due to her aggressive demeanour.”

McClory’s lawyer explained that his client was of poor mental health at the time of the incident.

He added: “However, she has accepted she should have not acted in this manner and regrets her actions.

“She herself had stated she had been behaving differently due to her poor mental health. This had resulted in the argument with her mother, which then resulted in this incident occurring.

“This is her first offence. She is progressing with her mental health and has not had any further incidents.

“Throughout her life, she has witnessed and been a victim of trauma. Due to the lack of injury to the police officers, it would be my submission to invite you to impose a community-based disposal.”

Sheriff Bernard Ablett said: “There was no injury but spitting in the face of frontline workers is disgusting and something that cannot be tolerated.

“She hasn’t given consent to unpaid work, I'm not minded to impose a fine so that only leaves a restriction of liberty order, but I’m told she wants to take her dogs out for a walk late at night.”

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McClory’s defence solicitor explained that she would be able to arrange for someone to take her dogs out for their nighttime walk.

He added: “But she takes them out in the evening. I would ask if the restriction hours could be from 8pm or 8.30pm.”

Sheriff Ablett ordered McClory, of Springboig, to be under social work supervision for one year and tagged her.

She will have to stay in her home between 8.30pm-6am for 36 days.