Single-use vapes should be banned to combat health and environmental concerns the council has said.

Glasgow City Council is to write to the Scottish Government to back calls for a ban amid fears for young people’s health and the impact of litter.

It is thought that “brightly-coloured and sweetly-flavoured single-use vapes” are designed to appeal to a younger market and regular use could be damaging their health.

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The Trading Standards team in Glasgow has found many shops and wholesalers selling vapes which contained more than the legal nicotine limit.

More than 13,000 illicit vapes were seized in the city during spot checks over three months.

Councillor Elaine McSporran is to raise the issue with the Scottish Government.

She said: “I have grave concerns about single-use vapes, both in relation to their environmental impact and the impact on people’s health in years to come.

“We are seeing more and more disposable vapes littering our streets and green spaces because people are just dropping them when they are empty.

“They are made of plastic which, as we know, takes decades to degrade and can end up in our rivers and oceans where it is a threat to wildlife and can get into the food chain.

“They are also powered by lithium batteries which contain corrosive and flammable chemicals.”

She added: “Their apparent marketing towards younger people with sweet flavours and brightly coloured packaging is another concern as more and more young people seem to be using them.

“I wholeheartedly support the introduction of a ban on their sale and urge the Scottish Government to act now to avert a dual disaster in the future.”

Green councillors, Jon Molyneux and Holly Bruce put forward a motion to the environment committee calling for the products to be banned.

Molyneux said during the meeting: “We would support a ban on single-use vapes. We would want us to use Scottish Parliament powers to the maximum.”

After the meeting, he tweeted: "Scotland’s largest council just agreed to support a ban on single-use vapes after cross-party support for Holly Bruce and my motion at the environment committee today.”

The Scottish Government is currently conducting a review of single-use vapes which includes consideration of a ban. The review will be led by Zero Waste Scotland.

Dundee City Council has also voiced support for banning the sale of single-use vapes.