Janey Godley has left fans in stitches after doing a voiceover of the SNP leader contest.

The Glasgow comic posted a video to her 288.8 followers on Twitter featuring a dubbed debate between Humza Yousaf, Ash Regan, and Kate Forbes.

The 62-year-old had the interviewer ask each candidate “If you could become leader and put any content or video or questions in a sealed box” what would it be?

She then had ‘Kate’ answer “anything to do with gender” because those questions leave her “tied in a lot of knots”.

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Glasgow Times: Janey Godley had fans in stitches Janey Godley had fans in stitches (Image: Sourced)

Godley then had ‘Humza’ answer the same question and made a cheeky dig at his e-scooter incident that saw him “take the humf” after crashing and falling in parliament in 2021.

The comic then had the interviewer get Ash’s name wrong by calling her Catherine.

Once ‘Ash’ corrected them she went on to say she would put ‘all the memberships that Peter Murrell says were there’ in the box.



Janey Godley’s voice dub of Kate Forbes said: “I’m glad you asked me, I tell you what I would put in a box; anything to do with the gender recognition act, anything to do with trans rights and buffer zones around hospitals.

“At the end of the day I don’t want to be asked these questions, because I end up tying myself in quite a lot of knots, then maybe get into me about my faith and my faith is my faith and that's fine.

“I will tell you what I would put in the box that creepy doll someone knitted of me, it looked like it looked like it had a real soul behind the eyes, see that that frightened me.”

Janey Godley’s voice dub of Humza Yousaf said: “I would put in a sealed box that video of me falling off an e-scooter in parliament, I mean that really upset me “I could have just laughed at it but I took a big humf at it and I shouldn’t have taken the big humf at it, but you know me.

“I can take the humf at anything and I don’t mean to.

“At the end of the day and a couple pictures of me and Mr Salmond having a picnic up the top of Arthurs seat, that would also go in a box.”


Janey Godley’s voice dub of Ash Regan said: “Actually my name is Ash, I tell you what I would put in a box, all the memberships that Peter Murrell says were there, but they weren’t there. I’m no saying Peter is wrong, I’m not sayin Peter is a liar, I am just saying I would ask them to be put in a box.

“At the end of the day boxes aren’t good things to put people in. I like to think out of the box, and yet again my name is Ash not Catherine, thank you very much.”

Janey retweeted the video saying “Don’t ask me about gender” to her fans.

One fan said: "I’m hating how this feels like it’s dragging on forever so good to get a laugh out of it for a change."

A second fan replied: ""Just brilliant!!"

A third fan added: "On to you Catherine haha"