Janey Godley has provided a cancer update and admitted she is “scared” for the results of a new scan.

The 62-year-old comic has been informing fans of her battle with terminal cancer after being diagnosed in November 2021.

The brave comedian then underwent a full hysterectomy, after which she was given the all clear.

However tragically she was then told chemotherapy treatment was “back on the cards” as the cancer returned in December 2022.

Now she is determined to keep fighting and is focusing on her new book and radio series.



We previously reported how she recently wrapped up her ‘Not Dead Yet’ comedy tour which she said would be her last.

Janey tweeted to her 288.9k followers: “Scan tomorrow - I am scared but there’s nothing I can do to change the outcome.

“I have a terminal illness and living from scan to scan, chemo to chemo is the best way I can cope.

“Also I have a radio series to get busy on and a new book to start writing.”

Fans have been supportive of her sharing her cancer journey online as she tries to raise awareness for the condition.

However, we previously reported how Janey has been forced to defend herself after being accused of “lying" about her terminal cancer multiple times.

One person tweeted her today saying she is “lying” because she is the “picture of health” and told others to “wake up”.



Janey was quick to respond to the nasty message and said: “I’m sorry your hatred has stretched to saying I am lying about having cancer.

“I wish you a really good day my friend, I am off to get chemo today and hope you never live with this disease.”

It sadly was not the first time Janey has stood up for herself on social media and we previously reported how she was taunted by a twitter user who said “you're meeting your maker soon”.

She then put them in their place by calling out the callous behaviour before wishing them a “good day".

Janey also reminded them she will be remembered as “a strong rape survivor, a good mother and a supportive human” after she dies.

We previously reported yhat Target Ovarian Cancer said that only 3% of women are confident in naming all of the symptoms of the disease.

The four main symptoms are persistent bloating; pelvic or abdominal pain; feeling full or a loss of appetite and an increased need to urinate.

It warned low awareness rates mean that women may not be able to spot when something is awry and may delay seeking help from a GP.