Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil debuted his side project Empire State B****** (ESB) for the very first time last night in Glasgow.

The highly anticipated gig sold out within seconds earlier this month - despite the band having put out zero songs at the time.

Desperate fans were spotted outside The Cathouse begging for spare tickets to the show, while the lucky few who scored admissions excitedly packed the rock venue.

Neil, who is used to headlining major festivals and arena tours with Biffy, quickly made himself at home during the intimate gig while sporting shoulder length hair and a large moustache.

He walked through the eager crowd to the small stage with band members who include original Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, former Oceansize guitarist Mike Vennart, and Naomi Macleod on the bass.

The extreme heavy metal band then kicked off the show with a major burst of energy as they played Harvest, a short chaotic song which was only released two days before the event.

The crowd erupted with cheers as Neil switched between feral screams and his iconic Scottish singing voice while introducing fans to 12 brand new songs.

The frontman even admitted “we still don’t know the names of these” but eagle eyed fans spotted a printed setlist off the side of the stage revealing what each track was called, at least for now.

This included Palms of Hands, Corpse in the Chateau, and Sold, which saw Neil reach back to even heavier vocals than he used on Biffy’s 2004 Infinity Land album. 

Despite no one in the crowd knowing any of the songs, which switched between fast and slow paces, fans energy remained high as they frantically awaited each new track.

As the atmosphere continued to heat up Neil took off his jacket and said he felt like “a sweaty wellness coach” as he continued the metal gig in a loose white unbuttoned shirt.

The band rounded the show off with The Looming, which proved to be an epic and overwhelming outro that saw fans cheer, cry, and crowd surf all at once.

Speaking to the crowd Neil said: “Thank you for coming to our introductory evening.

“You guys still alright? It is a shame you guys don’t know these songs yet so I really appreciate you coming to the f****** show.

“We are doing all backwards but it feels good, hope you guys are alright.

“We still don’t know the names of these songs.”

“Thank you so much for your f****** time everybody we are Empire State Bastard, what a pleasure.”

The band also took time to meet fans outside the venue after the performance and even posed for selfies.

Neil’s Biffy bandmates James Johnston and Ben Johnston also attended the show supporting their pal as he triumphed with his incredible new project.

It is unknown at this time when ESB will release their first album but after their stunning debut performance - this reviewer can't wait!






The Blues


Tired, Aye?


Corpse in the Chateau

Palms of Hands


Code (eat s***)

The Looming