A DEVASTATED mum has appealed for urgent help in a bid to find her toddler's beloved teddy which helped through several surgeries.

Leona Barr was visiting Glasgow's Ovo Hydro on Sunday for its Disney on Ice spectacular, alongside husband Ryan and son Brodie, when the "snuggie" vanished.

The toy, which is a comfort blanket-style Eeyore teddy, is of special significance for the two-year-old as it's been by his side since his birth at almost two months premature weighing just 3lb.

Glasgow Times:

Leona said: "I know he seems like just a teddy, but for those that know Brodie, Eeyore was a day one comfort toy.

"He has seen him through his toughest days by giving him the best cuddles since the minute he was born, through all his toughest surgeries - even in surgery theatre with him - and every moment since."

Brodie, dubbed "Brodie Barr Superstar" by his adoring family, has faced a myriad of health issues since he arrived at Govan's Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in 2020 - including a 10-hour operation on the day of his birth after he was born without an oesophagus.

The brave tot, who has VACTERL association a condition which affects seven parts of his body, has taken it all in his stride with Eeyore and the rest of the Winnie the Pooh gang by his side.

Glasgow Times:

Thankfully, the rest of the crew are safe and sound under the care of Brodie but the youngster is missing his buddy Eeyore.

The beloved toy was lost somewhere between level three of the multi-storey and inside the venue.

Leona added: We are very lucky to have the rest of the “gang” intact but missing the most important member of the gang- as the others were collected later and haven’t been on the same journey that Eeyore has.

“He is easy to replace, but the sentiments aren’t and if we can find the true Eeyore Snuggie I would be entirely grateful.”

Glasgow Times:

The family have confirmed he has not been handed into the Hydro or the car park.

If anyone has information, please contact the Glasgow Times here.