A THUG who repeatedly shot a man with an air gun and called him a grass was jailed today for two years.

Colin Mitchell, 24, struck Thomas West with ball bearings outside his flat in Drumchapel on November 30, 2022.

Mr West fled into his van for safety but Mitchell continued to fire at him.

Mitchell meantime had asked an onlooker not to turn him in before calling Mr West a grass.

Mitchell pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to assaulting Mr West.

He also admitted culpably and recklessly discharging ball bearings from an air gun to the danger of the public.

The court heard Mr West was heading towards the front door of the flat when he spotted Mitchell there with the gun.

Prosecutor Carrie Stevens said: "He fired at Mr West while walking to the entrance door.

"Mr West was stood 10 feet from Mitchell when firing.

"Mr West turned his back to run to his van and was struck to his back three times at least by ball bearings.

"He saw that the gun was an air gun."

Mitchell told a witness not to call the police and "not to be a grass."

Mr West dialled 999 meantime.

Mitchell then went back to his own flat before shouting at West "about being a grass."

He then fired more bullets, with some striking the van.

Mitchell then got into a taxi before police found him at his brother's house.

A part of the gun had been left behind at the scene.

His flat had also been searched to find plastic and metal ball bearings inside.