THIS Friday and Saturday Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party members will meet here in Glasgow at the SEC for our annual conference.

It takes place against a backdrop of complete chaos at the heart of Humza Yousaf’s SNP/Green Government.

As the weeks go on, we see yet more scandal and secrecy surrounding Scotland’s nationalists hit the front pages and a First Minister haplessly limping on from disaster to disaster.

For example, we were all reassured by Humza that the party he is in charge of SNP is not a criminal organisation ... no seriously, our First Minister had to deny that his party was a criminal enterprise after the second arrest of a senior SNP politician.

However, what I found more important for the future of Scottish politics this week was not the negative headlines for the SNP but the contribution of SNP MSP – and former government minister Fergus Ewing – at First Minister’s Questions on Thursday.

We are not used to seeing members of the nationalists administration quite so openly challenge their leaders as he did so during the most recent FMQs Mr Ewing was of course lambasting the SNP for working with what he termed the “wine bar revolutionaries” within the Scottish Greens and called for the First Minister to see sense and ditch the extremist Greens from government, a view shared by many across Scotland.

If there is one terrifying aspect of modern politics in Scotland it has been the normalising of Scotland’s extremist Green Party.

Here, in Glasgow, we know all too well what happens when you give power over to this political party – chaos.

If readers think of every bad decision that has happened since Susan Aitken came to power in 2017, you can be assured it was all voted through with the support of her little green helpers.

The rushed Low Emission Zone, hiking of nursery fees, three-weekly bin collections, bulk uplift charging and the list goes on and on. You name it, the Greens pushed it.

So, is it any wonder that sensible voices like Fergus Ewing – who knows the damage the Greens views could have on his communities – have had enough? The Scottish Conservatives are clear that tackling the climate emergency should be a priority for us all.

However, it can’t be done at the expense of working-class communities across the country.

The Greens are anti-car, anti-business and anti-economic growth.

Just look at the shambolic mess Lorna Slater has made of the Deposit Return Scheme.

The whole scheme has had to be delayed until March 2024 and has completely unravelled due to her failure to listen to business.

The Greens would chuck 100,000 oil and gas jobs under the bus overnight, they don’t want crucial road upgrades to take place and as we saw recently in Glasgow – they want to slow motorists down even further on the M8.

Humza Yousaf is being held hostage by the Greens in almost every single policy area – all because this Green party push more for independence than on climate change.

This SNP-Green government are not focused on Scotland’s real priorities.

That’s why at our conference this week you’ll hear from a party focused on those real priorities and outlining the policies to tackle them on.

We’re ready to offer that alternative that Scotland desperately needs, so join us in Glasgow as we focus on what really matters to you.