A Glasgow man is delighted to have received a refund from Scottish Power after being left 'out of pocket'.

The constituent was entitled to Warm Home Discount but a failure to apply the discount left him £160 down. 

He contacted the company and his local MP Alison Thewliss, and the Department for Work and Pensions confirmed to them that he would be owed the discount.

Constituents are eligible for this discount if they get the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit and/or are on a low income and meet the energy supplier’s criteria for the scheme.

Scottish Power confirmed that he was entitled to the discount and a refund of £160 was applied.

The constituent said: “I am delighted to receive this refund of £160 from Scottish Power. It has been a difficult time waiting for this payment – particularly during this cost-of-living crisis.

"This money will make a huge difference to me, and I am so relieved to receive this.

“I want to thank Alison Thewliss MP and her staff for all the support they have given to me during this time of waiting for my payment. The help they gave me to get this refund has been so important and I am extremely grateful for this.

“I hope others in my position will reach out to their MP to ensure they get any energy payments which they are due.”

Ms Thewliss also urged people to reach out if they feel that they have not received the discount they are entitled to.

She said: “I am very grateful to the constituent for their patience throughout what will no doubt be a difficult time for them.

"These discounts are often left unapplied for many of my constituents, so it is good to see Scottish Power providing the support that they have.

“This money will no doubt make a massive difference to the constituent. These times are so difficult for so many and having any form of additional money can help my constituents in this cost-of-living crisis.

“I also want to extend a thanks to the Scottish Power, who were also very helpful in this issue and were in regular dialogue with my team about this case.

“If any Glasgow Central constituents have issues they wish to raise, please do not hesitate to contact my office via email, alison.thewliss.mp@parliament.uk, or via phone call: 0141 552 7117.

"My team are always more than happy to help with any constituent issues and urge any constituent to contact my team.”