Children in Glasgow are being offered a special coronation lunch menu this week.

On Wednesday, pupils across 142 schools in the city will see the usual lunch offering swapped for a King’s Coronation menu to mark the historic Royal event on Saturday.

The themed menu gives a choice of three main courses and separate vegan and halal menus are available too.

There are traditional Scottish, English and Irish dishes on the menu, with chicken tikka masala, famously created in Glasgow by the chef of the Shish Mahal, also on offer.

The main course is a choice of sausage and onion gravy with Colcannan mash and Yorkshire puddings, or chicken tikka masala or haggis, mashed potato and turnip, or a “coronation” cheesy beano baked potato with salad.

Glasgow Times:

For the vegan menu, it is vegan square sausage with mash and the halal offer is Quorn sausage or halal chicken tikka masala.

There is a starter of potato and leek soup and a dessert of ice cream tub and a selection of fruit.

The school King’s Coronation Lunch is one of a number of events this week in Glasgow leading up to Saturday when King Charles III will be coronated in Westminster Abbey in London.