Former Celtic and Rangers players have appeared in a new music video.

Frank McAvennie and Gordon Dalziel traded football for acting to star in the video for Kenny Lee Roberts' new song, Giving It Travolta.

In the video - shot in city nightclub Berkeley Suite, ex-Gers striker Gordon was on the decks as the club DJ and former Hoops striker Frank donned a Saturday Night Fever-esque white suit for the video.

Glasgow Times:

Speaking about the experience, Kenny said: “Giving It Travolta was so funny to shoot.

"We got a great venue booked out in Glasgow and enlisted the acting skills of Frank McAvennie and Gordon Dalziel, who were both absolutely fantastic and great to work with.

“The guys really nailed it but were more than happy not to take themselves too seriously, much like the rest of us.

“The promise of some free drinks also attracted some friends along on the night to be extras in the video, which turned out just as we hoped and I am sure people will really enjoy it.

“It’s on YouTube now so do have a look!”

Glasgow Times:

Speaking about the appearance, Frank admitted there was not much acting on his part, just enjoying it.

He said: “I was the Mr Travolta, I wasn’t John Travolta I was the fat Travolta. I’ve still got the moves, it was good fun.

"I had no acting, to be honest with you. But it was good fun that I didn’t have to act, it’s the same as me in real life so there you go.

“It was hilarious, I thought it was good.

"Right at the start me and Gordon Dalziel were trying to get me into that white suit was fun. It was really good, I certainly didn’t slide into it."

Glasgow Times:

Despite being initially reluctant to give it a try, Gordon is so glad he did and compared the buzz he felt to scoring goals in front of huge crowds back in the day.

He said: “I just remembered the DJs from years ago and all I did was have a bit of fun with it, that’s it. I’ve got to say I think what made it for me was the guys that were there.

“All the guys were brilliant, you go along to these things and you’re thinking I don’t want to make a fool of myself, this isn’t my sort of scene - but I felt very comfortable and I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much.

“Kenny and the band, John, everyone – amazing people.”

Glasgow Times:

The video's leading men are now keen to join Kenny and the band at McChuills for a charity gig on May 27, where all proceeds will go to Homeless Project Scotland

Frank said: “I’ll not turn up in the white suit that’s for sure. Yeah, I’ll find out from the boys what’s happening and if I’m about I’ll certainly make an entrance.”

Gordon added: “That would be brilliant, if I can possibly make that I’ll certainly be there. I would absolutely be up for that.

“Kenny has brilliant tunes, that’s my sort of music. I’m into that, I love all kinds of music believe it or not. It’s a good album and a good song.

“I really enjoyed the song, I’m not just saying that, and I really enjoyed being part of the video as well.”

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