A West End doner kebab restaurant has been granted permission to stay open until 2am after noise concerns were resolved.

LMR Property Ltd applied to Glasgow City Council’s licensing committee for a late hours catering licence for German Doner Kebab on Byres Road.

An environmental health official reported there had been complaints about “excessive” noise from the venue and an abatement notice was served.

But councillors on the committee were reassured the issue had been resolved after a representative for the firm said changes had been made to the ventilation system, which had been causing a “humming” sound.

The official confirmed no complaints had been received since the notice was issued and the committee agreed to grant a licence until 2am — an extension from the current 11pm closing time.

Late hours catering licences are required for venues which want to serve food between 11pm and 5am. In Glasgow, licences are not generally granted beyond 3am for premises outwith the city centre and 4am within the city centre.

They also aren’t usually granted beyond midnight if the premises are in a tenement or other building with residents above. German Doner Kebab is on the ground floor of a tenement, however, the applicant argued that other premises in the area can open later.

The environmental health report stated a “number of complaints of excessive noise associated with the mechanical ventilation system” had been received.  “Officers visited on November 19, 2022, and witnessed excessive noise emanating from the rear ventilation system at 11:25pm”, it added, which was after the restaurant’s closing time.

“The officers determined that this constituted a statutory nuisance and subsequently an abatement notice was served upon the owners requiring that they abate the nuisance.”

LMR Property Ltd’s representative said changes had been made to the system and no complaints had been received since. He also said Byres Road is “a very busy area”.

The venue’s opening hours had been from 11pm to 5am but the licence will allow it to stay open to 2am seven days per week.