COMEDIAN Frankie Boyle is among those who have signed an open letter backing anti-racism protests in Erskine.

Far-right group Homeland, a splinter group of Patriotic Alternative (PA), has been protesting against the housing of asylum seekers in the town's Muthu Hotel.

The group is run by Kenny Smith, formerly the national admin officer for Patriotic Alternative and an ex member of the BNP.

Mr Smith and his fiancee Claire Ellis, a former organiser for PA’s south-west branch, run a white nationalist soap business from Skye called Clean and Pure.

The demonstrations by PA and, since the split, Homeland, have been opposed in Erskine by anti-racism campaigners.

They will hold a community event in the town on May 21, organised by the Scottish Trades Union Congress and Stand Up To Racism Scotland, which has been backed by Mr Boyle.

The group says more signatories will be announced in the coming weeks.

The letter signed by Mr Boyle says: "We, the undersigned, give our wholehearted support to the demonstration and community event to be held in Erskine on May 21 by the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) and Stand Up To Racism - Scotland (SUTR).

"We have been disgusted by the recent efforts by the neo-Nazi group Homeland (a recent split from the fascist outfit Patriotic Alternative) to harass and intimidate asylum seekers who have been placed in the local Muthu Glasgow River Hotel by the UK Home Office. We commend the local residents who have made a stand against them.

"People fleeing war and conflict should be welcomed here in Scotland. We believe that the decent majority in this country want to do exactly that.

"The STUC/SUTR demonstration will send a clear message: 'Refugees are welcome here'. We hope anti-racists from across Scotland will be in Erskine on the day to support the refugees currently housed in the hotel and to oppose the hatemongering of the Homeland group."

The event will be held on May 21 at the Muthu Glasgow River Hotel from 11am, with buses running from Glasgow and Edinburgh.