A NURSERY worker who drank alcohol and lifted a child by the upper arm has been placed on a warning.

Rajinder Kaur was found to have pushed a three-year-old boy's legs away from him, guiding him to the ground before straddling the toddler with a leg at either side of his body.

Kaur, who was working at Glasgow City Council's Caldercuilt Nursery in Summerston when the incident occurred in May 2019, held the child to the ground and shouted: "Don't you ever hit me again."

The child was left with "some physical and emotional harm".

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The nursery teacher then lifted the youngster's arms above his head and walked him into the nursery.

In November 2020, Kaur failed to supervise another child while in the playground resulting in them being left outside unattended.

The teacher then failed to carry out a headcount on the children when they returned inside.

Meanwhile, the child had managed to leave the playground on their own.

In June 2021, Kaur was then found lifting another child by her upper arm and days later drank alcohol while on shift.

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The little girl was left with a red mark on her arm and "some physical harm and distress".

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) found that the behaviour had demonstrated a "loss of self-control".

In a report, it said: "Although the incidents are somewhat isolated in nature, your behaviour demonstrates a pattern of a lack of self-control and a disregard for the wellbeing of young children in your care.

"Although you have had an otherwise unblemished history in the many years you have worked in the childcare sector, it is likely that the public would expect the SSSC to take action to reinforce the relevant standards of practice and to uphold the confidence in the profession."

The SSSC found Kaur had cooperated with the investigation and showed some insight.

It determined Kaur would be placed on a warning period for three years.

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council said: "This person no longer works for the council and was dismissed following an internal investigation into their conduct.”